Neurofeedback and Consulting
AZ state Licensed Professional Counselor
BCIA certified for EEG Biofeedback – Fellow
QEEGD: Certified QEEG Diplomate
Applied Neurotherapy Center’s primary focus is on providing Neurofeedback (using 19-channel z-score neurofeedback) and QEEG (brainmaps).While there are times when medication is a necessary intervention for a variety of mental health conditions, in many cases, Neurofeedback can be a truly viable alternative to drugs in addressing Attention Deficit related issues, Anxiety and Depression related disorders, and Learning related issues.

ANC has been able to incorporate some of the newest technologies currently available in the Neurofeedback field. This leads to being able to provide an extremely effective intervention in fewer sessions than traditional Neurofeedback typically requires.

Nancy Wigton Ph.D., LPC is a full-service Neurofeedback provider. She personally provides all levels of service in her practice; from the initial phone call, to the intake interview, to the QEEG (brain map) data collection and initial assessments, to the analysis and review of the data, to protocol development, through the actual Neurofeedback sessions.

ANC is located in North Scottsdale and is available to assist you in determining if Neurofeedback is an appropriate option and to further discuss your (or your loved one’s) needs.